Hello beautiful people! Today we're discussing a few ways to keep the blogging fire going and what better way to keep the fire going than to fuel it with our undying love and creativity! But how do we keep that going, how do we keep the love flowing and the creativity...creative. Well, sometimes to awaken that spark we have to ask ourselves some rather serious questions:

  1.  When was the last time you read your blog from a reader's point of view and found yourself amused?

  2. Are you bored by what you're writing?

  3. How many times a week do you brainstorm new topics?

  4. Should you try a new brainstorming method for content creation?

  5. Does the idea of drafting posts make you excited or cringe?

Answer these questions with quick honesty. Don't give yourself enough time to come up with excuses. I personally decided to answer these questions and because I consider everyone here fashion family, I wanted to share with you my answers.

1.  I read my blog from a reader's point of view a week ago and yes I was entertained. I liked the outfit sets I created and found my narrative friendly.

2. I'm not bored by what I'm writing, I do feel like I could make my content a bit more deep.

3. I brainstorm a mass of topics once a week.

4. I do need to try a new brainstorming technique! I typically brainstorm via Pinterest, Tumblr sometimes YouTube but I've grown a bit bored with social media style inspo. I want to get outside, find my own street style in my neighborhood with a pencil and notepad and have a blog post pow wow.

5. The idea of drafting blog posts makes me excited. The idea of drafting blog posts makes me feel grateful I get to share with others. The idea of drafting fresh new content stirs something beautiful up inside my spirit and makes me feel whole!

I find interviewing myself always helps clear things up and remove mental blocks. Have you ever tried interviewing yourself on your blog habits, has it helped you?

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