This spring, as the weather begins to descend into warmer temperatures you'll realize your winter coat has gone from protecting you to trying to bake you alive. Although, spring weather is refreshing and full of life, it can still get a bit cold. We suggest investing in a nice, light jacket for the spring weather, specifically a motorcycle jacket.

Everyone always associates motorcycle jackets with toughness, edginess, bad-assness and even though a lot of this is true, you can project a different image if you pay attention to the details of your jacket. Below we have multiple kinds of motorcycle jackets ranging in texture and color, that can build a different look than the classic "greaser" image.

Motorcycle Jacket Love

Motorcycle Jacket Love by deejaystyles featuring a moto jacket
Let me know in the comments below if you think a motorcycle jacket is a closet necessity? If you're looking to purchase your own moto jacket, check out my Mavatar cart below!

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  1. Definitely a closet necessity, I have a few and they are a fail safe

  2. This is an awesome post :) Personally, I love the motorcycle jacket Tom Cruise rocks in top gun!!
    This is pretty awkward, but my friend and I just created a new fashion blog and we were wondering if you could check it out! Love your posts :)


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