Everyone's style is different, therefore, I believe everyone considers different things as basic.What's basic to one person is boring to another or what's bold to one person maybe considered a basic.Since the term "basic" and what makes one essential is so subjective, you can imagine I've been skirting around doing a post of this nature for quite sometime.I don't believe in forcing personal style standards on everyone. I do believe in sharing style suggestions. I do believe in adding to the cycle of inspiration, thus I finally decided to share.

I've personally always defined basic pieces as items that are versatile.Items that are developed with the intention of being the canvas for the outfit have always been classified as a basic piece. My five basics reflect these aspects of my style and what I like to express through my look.With my style, I like layers,prints,feminine silhouettes and things that get better with age. Below I share my top 5 basics and why they've earned a spot in particular:

  1.  My number one style basic is a good pair of black skinny jeans! Black skinny jeans go with virtually every kind of top and can be made casual with sneakers, tough with boots or sophisticated with heels. All it takes is slight detail changes, to switch the message with these pants.

  2.  A grey midi dress is my favorite feminine basic. It hangs to the curves in the most flatter way. You can play up the color of the dress with bright accessories or neon jewelry, by balancing off the contrast.

  3. A large plaid and or flannel top is my winter basic, go to! All you have to do is slip the flannel top over a t-shirt for a grunge appeal, or add a bib necklace to mix glamour and masculinity into a gorgeous combination.

  4.  A light wash denim jacket that helps bring life to a spring oriented outfit. The light tone of the jacket simply adds that touch of brightness that's always great in the warmer months.

  5.  The motorcycle jacket will always speak to my inner bad ass.The right motorcycle jacket just gives me so much confidence, I believe everyone needs that one piece that makes them feel like they can kick ass.

Now it's your turn, share with me your favorite fashion basics in the comment section and why! By the way feel free to shop my brand new Mavatar cart, Closet Essentials below!
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