Our Guide to Picking A Statement Coat

   You know you want a brand new coat, but you're not quite sure what to look for. You're looking for a coat that will stand out among the masses of snow we're facing this winter. A coat so amazing you don't mind that it might be below zero outside, once you leave.

   We all go through it, we know how we want our clothes to make us feel but can't really visualize it. We don't know what this amazing coat looks like, but we'll know it when we see it! Today, I decided to help narrow down some details and trends to help you outline your coat search this season.

Coat Deets

Coat Deets by deejaystyles featuring a zip wool coat

When looking for a coat that's going to speak to you, pay close attention to these qualities:

  • Structure

  • Color

  • Zipper and button details

  • Fabric

If I were going out with the intention of buying a new coat, I'd go to one of my favorite fashion apps like Fashiolista or Polyvore and make a list of the particular details, that coats I like have. I'd take the list with me and start my hunt! Personally, a few details I'm obsessed with are ribbed faux leather details, which you can see in the shearling coat, pastel shades which is displayed in our duster coat above and military-inspired buttons like on the trench coat. The details you fall for maybe completely different.      You might be obsessed with a specific length of coat or perhaps you're looking a particular material like a faux leather trench coat with faux fur details. Also while shopping keep an open mind, you might see something while you're out and about that you didn't see online and completely get enchanted by that outerwear piece instead of what's on your list. Hopefully my quick tips help inspire and guide you while on your quest to find the perfect coat. Let me know in the comment section if you have any tips you'd like to share!