You may have noticed that we've been busy trying to make the most style-wise out of this outrageously long winter.The temperatures have dropped and our wardrobes have built for an Alaskan landscape.While we're busy building a uniform fit for fighting the cold, we can't lie to ourselves that we've been daydreaming about the spring.

We've been developing a spring oriented blueprint for our closets. I always find that picking out clothing is a lot easier when you have a pre-established vision, this is our vision. We're planning for a passionate, fun spring by creating some outfit inspiration for some specific occassions.

This first look is for a windy spring day spent walking around your neighborhood and getting familiar with nature again.We added this varsity jacket in case the weather gets slightly brisk, that and thr fact tjat thr sports luxe combination with floral print has stolen out hearts.

Spring Day Dreams: Windy Edition

The second look is for when the random spring induced heat wave hits.We want to keep things loose and casual to combat the Sun's rays.We also want a brief spotlight on the denim bag featured, it's so versatile it hurts.

Spring Daydreams: Random Heatwave

This look was born out of a fun night out with the girls!This dress is sexy, bold and yet holds a sweetness due to the lace detail.Why not add a french fry bag to match and apply some eccentricity to your look!

Spring Daydreams:Night Life

There we have it,3 spring inspired looks for 3 very different occassions.It feels good to practice getting dressed for warm weather!Do you daydream about certain outfits and looks share with us in the comments below!

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