I've been sleeping on a fashion detail and now that I'm awake I'm certifiably obsessed.Double button details remind me of vintage fashion and....marching bands but that's okay because marching band was one of my favorite parts of school.Besides what I associate witn double button details, the other half of my obsession deems from the metallic detail that adds a nice touch to each look.

  As you all know I can't wait for spring to arrive so in celebration of this slept on detail I created three spring oriented looks featuring our guest of honor, double buttoms.

  Below we have look #1 that's inspired by masculinity and fun.I decided to mix it up by blending the textured jacket with the grid, loose fit pants instead of a basic black jean.In addition we're throwing together the perfect canvas for that pale yellow shoe.

  The second look is tomboy chicness.I wanted this look to be grungey and that's exactly what I got curtesy of the ripped jeans and metallic buckles in the boots to make up for the jackets matte black buttons.

  The third look is feminine,edgy and fairly glam.I love this crop top, it would easily become a staple in my spring wardrobe, mind you, I'm a plaid lover but the piece is still fairly versatile.Also these cut-out boots are made for spring, the cut-out allows your feet room to breathe but it's still warm like a boot in case there's a slight chill.Onto the double button detail of the skirt, it adds and old school glamour to an otherwise modern look.

  There we have it, three spring ready looks featuring the most slept on detail in history.Let me know in the comment section what part of fashion do you think is relatively slept on?

  Double Button Win

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