Recreate the Craze: Leg Warmers

Leg warmers were originally worn by classic dancers to keep their muscles from cramping while stretching. Leg warmers quickly crossed over into styling aesthetics and became popular in the 1980s. You could see leg warmers worn in cult classics in the film industry, television and in music.

Initially you could find leg warmers in all kinds of colors from pastel shades of blue and pink or neon tones of electrifying yellow and radiant corals. Currently leg warmers are still being worn much like their animated ancestors. You can find legwarmers being a fall and winter staple,for the year 2015 unlike their bright 1980s counterparts.

I love the idea of pulling on some leg warmers to add some warmth and layers to an outfit. Leg warmers are always welcome in neutral earth tones, burgundy, oxblood and prints to style with casual outfits to brace themselves from the cold weather.

Will you be recreating this craze or should we have left this trend with the dancers where it came from?