Believe it or not, this blog post was inspired by a moment of low self-esteem. I've been blogging on and off for years.I started to think of the collected hours of work I put into building content, defining a brand, creating social media marketing plans and for what?
What had been gained from all of my efforts?Before I indulged in further self pity, I decided to take this moment of negative babble and make it positive. I wrote a list of career worthy skills blogging has helped me develop and I decided to share it with you.

Career Worthy Blog Born Skills:

Being Able to Track and Follow the Patterns of a Specific Audience

Creative Writing

Basic Photo Editing

Familiarity with HootSuite

Online Networking

Collecting the Patterns in Social Media Trends

The next time you find yourself feeling like less of a blogger because you haven't been offered big collaborations or haven't seen an increase in your blog stats, remember there is more to be gained from this experience. Every time you go through the post creation process you're exercising skills that would otherwise go unused. The act of blogging is a talent in itself, so every time you participate you're harnessing it, honing it to perfection. Believe in your blog, skills and believe in your blogger dream with dedication everything will fall into place. Let me know in thd comment section if you've ever questioned your blog experience?What helped you get back on track or did you go in another direction altogether?

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