Have you ever been inspired to switch your style up but couldn't quite go through with it?You headed out to the mall with a mission to start the evolution of your wardrobe only to come home with clothes that look like something you already own. Why is changing your look so hard? Why do we fall victim to style habits? Are you just meant to look the same with no growth, for the rest of your life?
Fear not, changing your look is a difficulty many of us face and many of us conquer.First off lets look at the reasons why it can be difficult to change your style:

1. Sometimes we lack the substantial funds to change our look. I suggest saving up before plunging into your greatest new look, or sell some of your older clothes on Depop or Poshmark.

2. We're trapped in our comfort zones without even knowing it. You have to understand there's a differencd between being comfortable and being a hostage to your comfort zone.Comfortable is having leg room to change, a restrictive comfort zone has you feeling bound and gagged by an unseen force.Hop out of that comforf zone when its doing more damage than good.

3. You're afraid a new look won't look right on you.Understand that new things always take a little adjusting before getting used to it.You might not think your new clothes look right on you, but it could be because you're not familiar with looking so differently. REMEMBER, different is not synonymous with bad it's simply different.

Here's a list of reasons you should dive in and try something new:
1.Life is too short to be confined by a self imposed uniform.

2.You might fall in love with your new look, but you'll never know until you try.

3.Experimentation is healthy, who knows you may create the next big trend by simply trying something fresh.

4. When you step out your comfort zone you become an inspiration to someone else who might be struggling with there's. Become that living, breathing encouragement fof someone.

5.Trying something new exercises your creativity and makes you rich with experience.

6. You'll regret not taking those fashion chances later on in life.
There we have it, there are literally twice as many reasons to change your style up, versus staying in a rut. Move forward with confidence in your ability to embrace change. NOW MARCH TO THE MALL!

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