Letting go of clothing is a very hard thing to do.Many of our clothes carry memories,emotions and stories that also live in our hearts and minds.Getting rid of some of your clothes may seem impossible, but sometimes it needs to be done.I've got 3 reasons you need to clean out your closet!
1.You have no room for clothes anymore.You can't fit another item in your room if you tried, and this is not to encourage you to challenge that fact.When you can't breathe properly because of clothing-induced claustrophobia you need to let some things go.
2.You keep finding clothes with the tags still on them.At this point you have so much stuff your new clothes are being neglected which is disrespectful to your money.
3. You still have more than half of your middle school wardrobe stored somewhere taking up air.Nine times out of ten you cannot fit your 6th grade sweater anymore and even if you could is it still worth keeping.Seriously ask yourself are you keeping the old things because they're still wearable or because you think you might miss them.Remember the memories lie in you, not the clothes.
  Ultimately the decision to handle your closet is your's.The real question is, is the discomfort worth it?

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