Clear accessories are currently on my shopping list!I love these versatile pieces that stand out without much trouble.The mirrored effect of these pieces are fun and have a slight element of fantasy that has me in its clutches.

  1. Clear accessories and jewelry go with literally everything.

  2. Clear jewelry isn't something we see everyday.If you're looking for something bold and to easily stand out clear jewelry is your go to.

  3. Clear accessories and jewelry reminds me typically of futuristic fashion.There's a pair of earrings below that looks like something you could of found on the set of Back to the Future 2. In my book, anything that gives that allure of science fiction into your look is automatically winning.


4. Clear accessories and jewelry merely adds to the crispness of an all-white look, like the one featured below.


Will you be giving clear accessories a try this season? How would you incorporate this trend into your look?

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