Easily Executed Looks

Have you ever been frantically looking for something to wear on short notice?You know you don't want to leave in the classic t-shirt/jeans combo but can't quite visualize anything else.At this point you're desperately trying to figure out what to pair your favorite blouse with and can't find your shoes, fear not this post is all about the art of easy style execution. The first thing you should look for in your closet is:

Proper fit. The proper fit of your outfit can determine the ease of the look you manage to create.Think of a combination of loose fits and tighter fits, balance is key!

Easily Executed Looks:The Fit Edition

Color. Neutral shades are always infinitely versatile and easy to style. Neutrals like, brown,olive,grey,white and black are typically the go-to shades but we encourage you to get a little creative with your look.Why not add some bold splashes of color like neon shades,coral,red, or hot pink.

Easily Executed Looks: Color Edition

Jumpsuits and rompers are your best friend.During chilly weather you can toss on a jumper with a jacket  and appropriate shoes without worrying about separates.During the spring and summer the romper needs to come out to play.

Easily Executed Looks

The chambray shirt will never let you down.A chambray shirt works in the winter time with layers and works in the spring and summer with a cute pair of damaged jeans or shorts.

Easily Executed Looks: The Chambray Top

I hope these quick tips are enough to jump start some inspiration on those short notice events you're rushing to! Leave a comment in the section below about what's your go-to outfit and why?


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