Fashion In Five: Sunglasses Edition

   I've been having the urge to ball out and buy a brand new onslaught of accessories and jewelry lately. Before I start indulging in an accessory haul, I decided to target one thing on my wishlist and one thing only...SUNGLASSES.Yes, as the sun emerges vampires, like myself, are going to need some shades.

When picking out sunglasses I look at color, shape and frames. I’ve always been a firm believer that things like sunglasses are supposed to be fun. Fun shapes like the classic heart frames with red tint are a personal fave of mine, but it’s time to participate in something new. I want a pair of shades that fresh, bold and have personality. My top five picks with the most personality are displayed below.

Five Faves

I feel like each of these sunglasses are my kind of bold. Bold enough to be seen but not take away from the rest of my outfit.What do you forward to in a pair of sunglasses something more lowkey and neutral, wacky frames, decorations, let me know in the comment section!