Fashion means something differently for everyone, and one meaning is no greater than another.The amazing Alexander McQueen believed that, "fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment".Lets take a second to examine why fashion would mean imprisonment for someone.

Often fashion can come with a book of strict rules and expectations, "don't wear this if you look like this, do wear this if you look like this", all of those rules and predisposed standards can be paralyzing and intimidating.There are people out there who have a knack for fashion creativity bubbling inside of them but because fashion has a lot of pre-established connotations, people don't want to go near it.

Fashion shouldn't be intimidating and scare people away, it should be a form of escapism,solitude and a place of security.Fashion is at times a way from our reality where we're free to act on our originality, ideas and to simply create for the sake of creation.Alexander McQueen believed in the freedom that lies at the core of fashion and what spurs people to be attracted to it in the first place.

One thing that I can take away from Alexander McQueen's quote, is that I don't want to be apart of anything that imprisons people's desires and imagination. I never want to become a sphere for heartless criticism and oppressing rules. I want to be and I want this blog to be a place of escape for someone out there, where they can feel welcomed and encouraged to try new things and put their own adaptations on it.

Have you ever felt imprisoned by fashion or pressured by it?

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