Goodbye winter fashion!Today's post is the official send off of winter trends for this blog.We're going to go through our top 5 favorite winter trends in celebration of a successsfully stylish season(even though it was cold as hell).Lets get this countdown started off right with number 1!
Number 1: Marsala
   Marsala is a rich,earthy, deep wine color that swept in like a thief in the night, stealing a place in all of our closets.Marsala nail polish,lipsticks,clutches,heels and much more all quickly became statements.Marsala's associated sophistication is what granted versatility to this shade that adds to its attractiveness.
Number 2:Fluffy sweater
  Fluffy sweaters took us all back to a youthful place, where texture was all the rage.Sweaters of such fine,faux fur in bold colors ran rampant in the snow covered streets.These fluffy sweaters were a nice change from the uniform grey speckled number we've all grown accustomed too.
Number 3:Grid Print
  Grid print is a monochromatic favorite of mine.I love the simplicity of grid print.The print lays the perfect canvas for bolder,statement pieces to layer with.
Number 4:The Snood
  The snood saved my life..okay not really but I bought one while I was out and it was the warmest addition to my outfit ever.The snood is fashionable, chic and outrageously functional.I still find myself reaching for my beloved snood, even a the weather slowly warms up.
Number 5:The camel duster coat
   The camel duster coat was a neutral piece of epic proportions.The versatility of this coat is mind boggling.The minimalism of this coat is what left me enchanted by this piece.
  Do you think I've left out any important winter trends?Let me know in the comment section what your favorite winter piece was this season in the comment section below!

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