Instagram Page Spotlight!

So as you guys know I've been trying to do better with my Instagram page but sometimes I get stumped on what  to share.When sharing on Instagram with the intention of gathering exposure for my blog posts, you don't want to give too much away but you don't want to bore your followers either.How do you determine the perfect picture that makes your followers aware of what they're getting from the post, but not so much they don't feel the need to go to the post at all?

I've been checking out the Instagram pages of a few fashion bloggers I really like, including:

  1. Frankie Dakin of the blog, Even Though I'm Skint shares her daily life and outfit details on her Instagram page @frizzledizzle.We love that she doesn't take her page too seriously, and she's clearly having fun sharing what she wants.

  2. Olivia Lopez of documents fashion and food with perfect lighting and minimalism on her page, @lusttforlife.

  3. Sheree Milli of Glitz n Grime has an awesome Instagram page, from fashion,healthy food and glimpses into her life @shereemilli has a page that offers a bit of it all.

  4. Becca of of the page @fashiontrain gives just enough insight into her blog, but not enough to take away from the blog post itself. Becca's pictures are always of high quality and pays attention to the detail o the layout of her pictures.

  5. Jamie Chung, actress and blogger of shares on her instagram, @/jamiejchung of candid moments,food and previews of her outfit posts.

  6. Folake of Style Pantry has an Instagram page stocked full of fashion inspiration and her style posts. Her images are of great quality and her outfits are always on point, make sure you give it a look here, @stylepantry.

  7. Christina of Love Brown Sugar has an Instagram that works like a fashion and lifestyle blog.I love her hair,style and her shots with her beautiful little daughter are a precious addition to your page, check it out here, @lovebrownsugar. Also Christina has a page dedicated to brown girls in fashion, I followed it instantly, the page's name is @browngirlslove and it is EPIC, full of color, diversity and beauty for days!

Hopefully you guys get inspired from these pages like I've been doing!I'm going to go practice taking a few shots and editing on some of my pictures.Let me know in the comment section what Instagram page is the most inspiring to you, or if there's any Instagram pages you think deserve a spotlight.