I don't know how I feel about the end of sweater weather.Although I hate the cold, I've grown fond of my chunky cable knit sweaters,I like being able to toss on my big sweater,skinny jeans and layer like there's no tomorrow.If I could live in an environment that allows me to layer comfortably without giving me frost bitten fingers, I'd be content.Unfortunately, I don't live in a place with fall as the primary season, I live in Michigan which experiences the full spectrum all year round. Right now, the Midwest is experiencing a small break from the deep freeze we were in but the air still holds enough chill to leave the house with a coat.

How do we dress for semi-cold, semi-warm weather, ie. the end of winter? Well I have a few looks below that I think should inspire and help us get a good idea of how to comfortably dress for this in-between seasonal change.

The Slow and Steady Run Into Spring

The looks above and below are all about texture and length.It's growing warm rather quickly but it's not "revealing your stems to the elements" warm yet.Leaving without an extra jacket and cardigan is definitely going to take a little getting used to but hopefully these moodboards are helpful in your style journey.

The End of Sweater Weather

I'm encouraging everyone to get as creative as possible with their sweater weather outfits before you can't wear them anymore due to the growth of heat! Let me know in the comment section if you're a fan of sweater weather or you're more than ready for spring heatwaves?

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