Outfit Inspiration: Quirk Alert Part 3

      Bags,clutches, earrings,rings, jewelry-these are the things that have been tormenting my sleep! I need to go on an accessory and jewelry haul asap. I want to add some interesting,bold pieces to my wardrobe so badly. I have a history of buying neutral pieces when it comes to my jewelry and bags so it goes with everything, but my approach has caused my accessories to grow somewhat bland.

    I'm saying begone to blandness and embracing a lifestyle of bold fashionable jewelry and accessories. I don't care if my next bag doesn't flow seamlessly with every other outfit I own, that's why it's good to have a variety(and an excuse to shop more). I want my stand out pieces to speak for me, and I believe I've compiled some things below that do just that!

 Quirk Alert Part 3

Quirk Alert Part 3 by deejaystyles featuring pearl jewelry

What do you guys think of the move towards bolder pieces and abandoning my love of neutral accessories? Have you ever had a time where you took a step towards the impractical side of fashion for the hell of it? How did it turn out for you?