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The 90s skater skirt is a mix of femininity,grunge and punk elements.You could see this skirt classically worn by many with black tights,chunky boots,crop tops,faux leather, a choker of some kind and a dark lippie. Although the plaid skater skirt is known to be worn with those classic elements, we're here to RECREATE the craze, and want to add our spin to the mix.

Plaid Much?

First off in our expedition into the world of plaid skirt realness, we instantly wanted to experiment with different fits.In the 90s the skater skirt was the most popular, but now we're going to experiment with pencil skirts and midi skirts.These three looks still have a lot of the same vibe that was given in the 90s, just a little more modernized, with jewelry and fit. Do you think this recreation was successful?Let me know in the comment section how you feel about this 90s trend? Do you think this trend is timeless, or does it need to take a rest?

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  1. great inspiration! i do think this is a timeless look now <3
    instagram: the_ch1ara


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