Creating an image for a blog post title used to be downright difficult for me.I didn't want to just snatch images off the internet because:

A. you can get in trouble by snatching random images

B. I like having my own original images, or at least being able to put my own spin on them.

So what could I do,, how do I create images for my blog posts? The first question I asked myself was "what image best expresses the content of my blog post"?Sometimes I'll sit down, write the topic of my post down and write all of the post associations around the topic.I'll check to see if I have a shot saved on my camera that can be used for the post in question or if I have a zoomed in shot, that can be expanded for the post.After finding my own personal and proper image,it's time to edit!

The way I approach images for blog posts, is detail and color! I think that visually bold images help catch the attention of everybody, myself included.I tend to use, and to create bold enough images for my feature images. In addition to online photo editing sites, I also use apps by creating the image on my phone or tablet and sending it to my computer for further editing.

Let me know in the comment section below what editing tools you use for your feature images and if you have any tips of your own for creating the proper feature image.

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