Spring in Michigan is a mix of random heat waves and sudden 30 degree weather dropping in and out in an unsteady rhythm. So trying to be fashionable in such an unpredictable state can be difficult, but mostly exciting. I know I complained about the miserable cold, but I kind of liked the challenge to be honest. The cold weather forced me to get more creative about how I layer my looks, how to mix and match while keeping warm was a good experience nonetheless. Now that spring is here I feel like I’m ready for anything.

In my haste to create my spring fashion wish list, I found myself drawn to none other than a statement blazer. A statement blazer is awesome for those sudden bouts of chilliness while keeping your personal style statement intact. I’m pretty sure there’s a particular blazer out there for everyone just waiting to be molded into a specific message of personality and expression. A few blazers I believe stand out (at least to my eye) are listed below:


  • The pinstripe blazer. The pinstripe blazer screams school-inspired chicness.I always picture a pin stripe blazer with a red lip, Blair Waldorf inspired headband, skater skirt and cute pumps .The pinstripe blazer doesn’t have to be preppy though, you can easily switch up this vibe by making it a bit more mature and sexy with a cami dress or toughen it up with boyfriend jeans.

Floral Blazer

Floral Blazer by deejaystyles featuring a floral outfit

  • The floral print blazer. The floral print blazer is a sweet, feminine addition to one’s wardrobe. Investing in a floral print blazer is an investment in boldness and fun. You can let this piece stand on its own, you can mix it with other prints, or come up with something entirely new with this beloved blazer!

  • The white blazer.  The white blazer is relatively new to me. I’m familiar with black and blue blazers, but a white blazer is something I’m not that familiar with styling. I imagine playing up the white blazer versatility and freshness as the key to spotlighting this piece in your look. I’d love to color block with a white blazer or use it in an edgy look.

These are my top statement blazer looks, can you think of any other kinds of blazers that stand out to you? Let me know in the comment section what makes a blazer stand out to you, what about it says “bold”?

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