The Importance of Instagram

One of my goals for 2015 was to up this blog's Instagram game.I spent 2014 forgetting all about The SHTE Daily's Instagram page and it suffered as a result I've been trying to get back into the swing of posting a lot more on that platform, probably even more than I post on Twitter. You might be thinking "why give something as simple as Instagram so much attention, in the midst of everything else there is to share on?", allow me to explain.

Although Instagram is typically used for recreational purposes, when you're a fashion blogger it's a potential source of traffic. Instagram and fashion blogging are heavily visual based.Both mediums garner audiences based on photo quality and tags.The right tags can determine the kind of audience your Instagram page will gain, thus help determine what kind of audience your blog will be exposed to.In light of this epiphany I've been trying to manage all of my posts and think about how I can translate them seamlessly to Instagram. A few tips I've learned include:

  • Take advantage of the editing tools on Instagram outside of the filters. You can change the angle,contrast,brightness,crop,saturation, and a lot more using Instagram, don't get stuck on just filters.

  • Use your hashtags wisely, if you use too many you'll get the attention of spammers instead of potential readers.

  • Look up the most popular Instagram hashtags and use the ones that most closely relate to the picture you're sharing.

  • Give you picture a story by adding some content to the caption.

  • Like other people's pictures and leave nice comments, also make sure to respond to comments left on your own images.Holding a small conversation over one of your pictures draws the eye to that image, because people like seeing your pictures but don't for a second believe they're not going to peep in on your conversation.

You don't understand how much time I've wasted scrolling on Instagram when I could have been promoting my blog.  I hope these tips help you approach Instagram with a more productive mind, like it's been helping me. Leave a comment below if you use Instagram to try and build traffic to your blog, has this process been successful?