The Thing About "Must Haves"

Let me explain something to you guys right now, I don’t like telling people about must have pieces. It’s not that I’m keeping style secrets to myself, but I know when I was younger and I heard someone say “this is a must have piece”. I would raid my closet hoping I had that particular item or something like it in my closet for just in case purposes. When I realized I didn't have that “must have” piece, I made it my goal to hurry up and purchase it. Right now I have a pair of “must have” leggings, I haven’t worn in two years and a pair of “must have” boots I don’t even like…. This is why this blog is all about taking the initiative to determine our own specific personal style perspectives. You don’t have to hurry up and buy a specific item just because we love it, buy what you like, what you think YOU SPECIFICALLY NEED FOR YOUR OWN WARDROBE.

A “must have”, is different for everybody, so when we do spotlight posts that’s exactly what it is, a “spot light”. Our “spot light” is just a moment to express our own personal gratitude to a specific item and what it does to our wardrobe. Tomorrow I have a blog post dedicated to the versatility of the denim jacket and why it’s such a great outerwear piece for spring. Our spotlight doesn't mean we require you to go out and purchase a denim jacket, we’re just suggesting that the denim jacket is a pretty cool piece to add to your closet.

Don’t feel bad or pressured because you don’t understand the hype behind a “must have” piece. Not everyone is going to see the beauty in all aspects of style and fashion and those different perspectives is what makes personal style so interesting. So don’t get muscled by the notorious “must have”, simply go with your fashion flow, and trust your inner eye.


  1. This is amen amazing post and it's so true, one person's must have might not even suit you


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