Transitioning into Spring

Hello beautiful people, guess what I wore today? I wore three under shirts, a sweater, a coat, a pair of jeans, a pair of leggings underneath the jeans, two pairs of socks and my coziest boots. Guess what happened to me underneath that pile of clothing as I trampled around the slick sidewalks of my university campus? I was actually...warm. I take it as a good sign, although,small that my layering skills are actually beginning to matter.

Michigan has been home to some child-like temperatures for quite sometime, you know 1 degree,2 degrees,3 degrees,on a good day 4. I'm used to stacking up my layers but still being somewhat cold, so you could imagine my delight to find I didn't turn into a Popsicle on my commute home.It finally hit me, that I've practiced wearing and coordinating so many layers, dedicated a small portion of my budget to hats,scarves,snoods(I recently bought one and it is life!), gloves,chunky sweaters,cable knit sweaters,cardigans, and I'm still thinking of buying some legwarmers.When it actually starts to get warm again, what am I going to do?

What is my stylish plan of attack? It's easy to just say "wear less clothing", but I take my wardrobe seriously. How am I going to make this transition into warm weather, seamlessly? I've been the kid in middle school, sweating bullets in a bubble coat, sweater and scarf on a 60 degree day because no one told me the frozen blast had finally ceased .I've been the girl tying her sweater around her waist because it's too darn hot to play kickball during a heatwave, while wearing a cable knit sweater. I've had multiple weather induced traumas that could of been prevented if I had a prepared wardrobe.

I believe we all can learn from my mistakes, so I'm sharing a few tips on how to transition through to warm weather without freezing and without sweating your life away.

  1. Look at the weather report, whether on TV, your phone, your laptop- make it a priority.

  2. Remember it's always colder in the morning. The weatherman might say a high of 75 throughout the day, but it might feel like 40 degrees at 9 AM with rain and a windchill, remember,April showers bring May flowers".

  3. Carry a large enough bag that you can pack some form of outerwear with you.I'd suggest versatile pieces like a black cardigan or jean jacket.

  4. Bring your umbrella. Spring weather is notorious for going from sunshine and rainbows to thunder storms and tornado winds, be ready for both.

  5. Your scarf doesn't have to be knitted anymore. You can leave with a nice light weight scarf to accessorize with, as the weather gets warmer sooner or later you can put up your knitted bestie until the next winter.

There we have it 5 quick tips from a weather surviving, style loving Michigander, where mother nature likes experiment.