We all know about the almighty and powerful wardrobe warrior, BLACK MOTORCYCLE JACKET. I’ve written posts about my love for the classic black moto jacket, I’ve read countless posts about the classic black moto jacket. The black motorcycle jacket has been the subject of our hearts since the beginning of time, but it’s time to share the spotlight with its understated friend- the brown bomber jacket.
The brown bomber jacket is the perfect jacket for the autumn and spring seasons because the shade is just light enough to help pull off some bohemian trends that typically hit around that time of year. I can picture pairing the brown bomber jacket with floral skater skirts and being used as an accent for any gold details or jewelry. In addition the brown bomber jacket is just light enough to be a subtle contrast to any light wash denim that gets brought out during the spring season.
I have a few looks below that are all centered on this sweet unsung hero:

Brown Jacket

Hopefully after this post the brown bomber jacket gets a little love and much needed appreciation. I recently purchased a brown bomber jacket and frankly it’s changed the way I go about my wardrobe. Typically I’m operating around my moto jacket but now that I own the brown bomber jacket I feel like I have more leg room to experiment. What do you think of the brown bomber jacket, let me know in the comment section below!

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