Coin Necklace Power

Have you ever been inspired by your own piece of jewelry? Sometimes we find something to inspire us to invest in a certain piece, and then in return that piece keeps on inspiring us. I love an accessory cycle that keeps on giving. I’ve recently been enraptured and inspired by the coin bib necklace.

The coin bib necklace is a large, dramatic, chunky piece with coin-like details hanging from the chain. Some of the pieces are somewhat smaller, others are huge and can take up the whole of the wearer’s chest. This piece is a living breathing statement. The necklace takes on a life of its own with its detail, hardware and weight.

I keep having the same vision with this necklace. These kinds of necklaces always bring me back to an earlier time. I can imagine seeing some Grecian princess wear this with her elaborate gold detailed dress, probably in a coral tone and a goddess braid framing her face. Besides my Grecian noble vision for this necklace, it also reminds me of something rustic that you’d find in a buried treasure chest. The darkness of the metal keeps bring me to somewhere warm and tropical where that kind of wear and tear can take place.

It says a lot about a piece that provokes you to visualize an entire scene of a faraway place let alone a short story. Have you ever had a piece of clothing inspire you or better yet have you ever let a piece of clothing or jewelry inspire you? Sometimes getting inspiration from your closet isn’t a matter of buying more things but allowing your mind to get creative and spurred on by what’s right in front of you.

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