My latest addiction is spending a countless amount of time looking through "models off duty", oriented tumblr blogs. I love seeing models off duty! Any other time we see models they're strutting someone else's designs down the runway, so it's interesting to see how they express their own personal style for a change.You might be thinking "what makes a models' street style so different than someone else's?"

Take a second to consider a model's place in the fashion industry. The model is the face, the body, the canvas, the paper to the pen for an artist's work. Sometimes models are used as muses for designers, so they're in pretty close contact with the creative minds of a brand in question, seeing as how they're such a key piece to the brand itself and what it's saying.
Being apart of those runway shows and behind the scenes of fashion, they're bound to pick up some style trends and knowledge that may very well influence their own closet, which is why I like seeing how they interpret some of these influences in their own wardrobe.Don't get me wrong, I know not every model is taking tips from Marc Jacobs and canoodling with Anna Wintour but lets not undermine the fact that many models joined the industry because they're passionate about style and fashion as well.What does the everyday fashion enthusiast wear when they're not dazzling someone down a runway in a 100,000 dollar gown, these blogs answer that question.
Our top 5 models off duty blog:
Last but certainly not least, what do you guys think?Where does our interest in the off duty style of these epic models come from, let me know in the comments below!

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