PatchWork Dream

Denim patches on your clothing can be a sign that your clothes are getting older and a bit worn out thus requiring the patches. Some might see the melody of denim textures and color as an eye sore but I think it tells a story. From different patches to badges and buttons, anything that adds that spark of character in denim is always a plus for me, whether it’s uniform or not.

Untitled design (12)

It’s currently a mission of mine to personalize a denim jacket with an assortment of stickers, decals and pins. I like the idea of adding a chunky, personality covered denim jacket to layer with for the spring and summer to wear with sun dresses and a cool pair of platform sneakers. Wearing a patch worked denim jacket is an easy way to express a message, and the style of this jacket is pretty vintage too.

What's a dream piece that's been on your mind lately, let me know in the comments below!