Romper Rant


It’s time to discuss one of my most beloved pieces for hot weather (besides the maxi dress), the romper. Now, depending on where you’re from you might refer to rompers as playsuits, perhaps pinafore but I think we all can agree this item a perfect spring/summer piece to pull out for a fun day. Rompers are loved by so many because of how easy it is to slip one on and go!

Since the romper is a one piece, you can spend the rest of your time styling it to perfection! Personally, my favorite romper styling combo is pairing a cute romper with gladiator sandals that adorn the calves. You show off both the detail in your shoes and your gorgeous gams when you pair the romper and these tall sandals. Now guys, you know I can go on for days about how cute the romper is and why it’s such a spring/summer go to but now it’s time to talk about a few cons associated with this beloved piece.

I know I can’t be the only person who’s uncomfortable going to a public bathroom while wearing a romper. You have to try and unzip the romper from the back uncomfortably and now you’re sitting in the stall, half naked, wishing you used the bathroom before you left the house. Besides the awkward public bathroom situation, is it just me or is finding the proper romper in the store considerably difficult? I can find rompers online, but with rompers I always feel like you should try them on before purchasing because sometimes rompers fit well in the shoulders but might be tight in the thighs or vice-versa. I might see a few rompers at the mall, but they aren’t that popular in stores.

Now when you consider the pros of the romper and the cons, is this piece worth searching for and investing in….YES. Finding a well fitted romper is always worth any possible awkward romper vs. bathroom excursions. The simplicity of tossing on this instantly in style and fashionable piece, is worth making the trip to several stores in search of the perfect one.

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  1. I got a romper last year and wore it constantly! They're the best!


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