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There have been moments before stepping towards my closet where I've literally cringed. I hated the idea of picking something out because:

  1. I didn't have anything I really wanted to wear.

  2. Nothing looked right together.

  3. I couldn't find my favorites.

  4. Nothing was fitting correctly.

Now at the time of me struggling against the reasons above, I could have applied these three quick tips to ease the pain of uncomfortable wardrobe war!

  1. Give yourself the world's greatest self love pep talk. You're alive, you're beaming with opportunity, love and beauty so regardless of what you put on that inner light will beam brightly within you.

  2. Clean you freaking closet. Half the time we get frustrated without being able to put things together is because we can't find the things we want to put to together.Clean up with your room and closet and choosing your outfit will be a breeze.

  3. Get inspired with some fashion websites and YouTube lookbooks playing in the background while you choose your next greatest ensemble!

Now, instead of fighting and tussling with your wardrobe apply these quick tips to make your ensemble making process enjoyable. The last thing you want is to associate something like "getting dressed" with battle, seeing as how getting dressed is a vital activity in our daily lives. You have to apply pleasant elements to your wardrobe making process so you can go in with a positive mind and come out looking gorgeous as usual!


  1. Pinterest is also very helpful when it comes to picking an outfit. I also find it helpful to have some of my girlfriends over to help rearrange my wardrobe.

  2. Great post! Also, evaluate what fits you properly and what doesn't. Great fitting clothing looks amazing and boosts your confidence!


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