Typically during the spring we’re confronted with an onslaught of candy colored bags with arrays of floral prints splattered everywhere! There’s something different in the air this spring. Instead of brilliant bursts of color hanging from our shoulders, we’re all clad in boxy backpacks made of faux leather. I can’t quite tell you where this mod bag trend came from, but I can tell you I’m happy it’s here. Whether it be its minimalism, functionality or versatility everything in my heart is celebrating the creation of these bags.

Although we do fancy our fair share of bright colored purses, for instance the candy colored quilted number(say that three times fast), there’s something modern about sporting monochromatic themes in the spring. Perhaps it’s my desire to rebel against the machine, but these typically winter trend bags will definitely have a spot in my closet this spring and summer. Before I go adding the perfect faux leather satchel to my wardrobe, I wanted to test out the various looks I could do with one of these bags.

That Bag

Will you be giving this faux leather bag trend a try this spring and summer? How would you wear one of these bags?

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