The Regretful Retail Tag

The Regretful Retail Tag

  Hello beautiful people, I’m back after a brief, unexpected hiatus. Now I’m back and to make up for the recent lack of content these past days I’ll be doing 2 posts a day for the month of April! I’m so excited for this new challenge, (and a little scared) but it’ll force me to put more effort into the blog and start the new month with a much needed bang! With no further ado, allow me to introduce to you The Dysfunctional Fashion Tag created by yours truly.
  This tag is all about reminiscing about some questionable purchases you didn’t bother to question when you first purchased it. We’re putting a spotlight on the pieces you forgot existed, or would rather not acknowledge.
1. Name one item in your closet you regret buying.
2. Do you remember why you bought this regrettable piece?
3. If you had to style this item right now, how would you wear it?
4. If you were trying to sell this item to someone, what would be your sales pitch?
5. If you had to choose between wearing this item and letting your worse enemy dress you, which would you choose?
     That’s it guys, five fun quick questions discussing that piece that’s hidden all the waaaaaaaaaaay in the back of your closet.Have fun with this tag and make sure to let us know if you do this tag by either @ us on Twitter at Shehastheeye, or on Facebook on