I’ve been staring at the same transparent, black and red rosette jacket I bought from Romwe for the past hour trying to decide if this is a necessity for my closet- it isn’t. I admit I’ve purchased my fair share of trendy things. In my mind I used to decide if I should give in to a particular trend if:
A. I was madly in love with the trend
B. I had sufficient funds to back me up after giving in to this indulgence
C. I already had something in my closet to wear with it
    My little rosette jacket meets the criteria for all of these things but is it a closet classic…not really. The jacket isn’t made of the most comfortable material and it can only be worn in really warm weather because it’s thin. The jacket fits but not the way I’m used to. I prefer oversized jackets and my little rosette jacket is fitted. Now, I know I’m painting my little rosette jacket in a negative light but there are perks to having a few trendy items in your closet. In defense of all the severely trendy pieces we’ve purchased past and present I have a few reasons why they weren’t complete wastes of money.
• Sometimes I appreciate the nostalgia associated with my jacket. I think about where I was when I wore it, what I was thinking about when I bought it and how excited I was to have it!
• Trendy pieces have a way of always coming back so it’s not like I’ll never see my jacket get popular again.
• Guess what you call trends that get really old…vintage! I’ll be pulling out a few pieces in the future for a fierce throwback look very soon.
   The bottom line is don’t go criticizing yourself just because you decided to indulge in a few trendy pieces here and there. Not everything in your closet needs to be a classic. I like practicing a one in and one out method when it comes to trendy items. If I buy one trend then I’ll sell or give away another that I haven’t worn much, this way I don’t worry about any excessive pieces in my closet. Remember there’s nothing wrong with playing with a few trends here and there as long as you don’t feel trapped by them, now I’m officially resting my case for the trial of the trendy *shuts mint blue suitcase with gold buckle*.

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