Nylon Magazine is a great source for fashion inspiration and a pop culture binge for those easy weekends when you're trying to chiiiiiiiilllllll. Personally, it's one of my favorite magazines. This magazine is  full of life, some of my favorite celebrities, color and most of all edgy style! I follow Nylon Magazine on Instagram and recently came upon their shop, it's safe to say I'm in love.

Its Social Media

Do you guys still read magazines? I'm asking with all honesty, do you still shell out about 2-5 dollars for those glossy pages with fashion forward trends, inspiration and style tips even though you can get some of the same information on the internet for free? I'll be honest with you even with my being a fashion blogger, I'm still a a MASSIVE MAGAZINE FAN and wish to own my own magazine some day. I have multiple magazines I look up to from Seventeen Magazine to Essence. One magazine in particular that has caught my eye and admiration is Nylon Magazine.

What I love most about the shop and Nylon in its entirety is the way it's linked several of it's brands.The magazine gives awesome quick snippets of behind the scenes work on it's Instagram to promote the magazine itself and then developed an Instagram based shop for the products that are often featured in the glossy pages. From style inspo, shopping and behind the scenes looks(I like seeing the work behind the scenes it makes you feel like you're there or apart of the creation process), this brand is doing a lot to remain current and concrete in its position in the media.Besides Nylon's way of engaging with their readers via social media, I can't deny what really draws me in about this magazine, it's clothing.

Its Online Shop

Nylon's online shop is chock full of a few classics and a lot of fun trends. There is party wear, street wear and daring wear. These clothes have a way of speaking to my internal rebel and when I'm in a mood to feel snarky I could always slip on one of their "Less Whine More Wine" t-shirts, which you could see here.  Check out the brief mood board I created below featuring Nylon Magazine pieces

The Board

Name a magazine that still has your heart in the comments below and let me know why. I'm looking to branch out from my usual subscriptions and frankly I trust you guys to steer me in the right direction!

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  1. I love Nylon so much too! It's so cutting edge and the photography is amazing! I also adore Harper's Bazaar and GQ. Personally, GQ is my favourite. I wish more women's magazines were like GQ: honest and funny.


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