When your closet is not being cooperative, it can make you feel very bored with your style maybe even make you question your taste.Before you decide to throw everything away and go into revamp mode, ere's a few things to consider:
1. Have tou really looked at your clothes?When we're in a bad mood we easily get caught up looking over our posessions and taking them for granted.Make sure you're not carelessly looking over your clothes, once upon a time you saw potential in your wardrobe.
2. Are you comparing your clothes to someone else's?If you're busy comparing your style to someone else's of course you're not excited about your own style.Remember style is about getting inspired, not necessarily replication.If you're bored now, imagine how bored you'd be if you copied someone else's closet #originalityextinction.
3. Is something other than your clothes bothering you?Sometimes we take inner problems and reflect them on the outside.Perhaps something else is going on and because you can't figure it out you're blaming your appearance.Don't bash your temple love.
I hope these quick tips help you fall back in love with your closet before you spend a quick 1000 on a problem,that's not really a problem.Let me know what you do in the comment section when you're feeling blah about your wardrobe.


  1. After a long winter, slowly a plethora of black and white clothing has accumulated in my closet. I have been drooling over the bright pops of color appearing in department stores. Springtime calls for at least a couple new, colorful items! Although, I do need to take a good look and "spring clean" some things out. Great post and advice!

  2. These are great tips, when I feel blah about my closet I just open it and look at my different favourite pieces and find new ways to pair them up because it lifts my spirits immediately and yes sometimes when I have a bad day I tend to blame the way I had dressed which is not always the reason why I had a bad day


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