You ever find yourself more interested in jewelry than the actual outfit it's supposed to adorn. I know often people approach jewelry like it's supposed to be that detail on the outskirts of the whole look. I can't use jewelry like a little addition to my look, I love big chunky necklaces and interesting earrings! Sometimes I want my necklace to stand out and take ALL OF THE SPOTLIGHT, not some of the spot light ALL OF IT!! So if you're like me and get chills by walking past the accessory section of the store get comfortable cause I've got some things to show you!

More Tribal Inspired Necklace Love


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Now that I've got you all ready to indulge in your jewelry box( or empty your bank account), I'm here to tell you there's nothing wrong with being obsessed with these dramatic jewelry pieces! In fact I'm going to encourage you to indulge in your more dramatic side, because dramatic jewelry is a lot safer than real life drama(which we all need to avoid). But indulging in such statement jewelry always comes with a little precaution and to handle said precaution here are three quick tips:

1. Don't let the jewelry wear you, you wear the jewelry. Regardless if you love the piece or not if you're not comfortable in it and it can't be adjusted, DON'T WEAR IT. Cute uncomfortable jewelry is still uncomfortable, no amount of cute is going to make it better.

2.  Don't lose sight of the rest of your outfit. I know I just said that I want my jewelry to take the spotlight sometimes, but that doesn't mean I lose focus of the background surrounding the spotlight, Look at your outfit as more the pedestal to your necklace at which it's placed on. You don't want to place your magical piece on a poor foundation.

3. Don't go bankrupt trying to adorn yourself in treasure. There are a lot of places to get affordable pieces like the ones above without breaking the bank. I happen to know a shop with a lot of affordable dramatic jewelry pieces for instance you can find them at *drum roll* MY BRAND NEW ONLINE STORE!!! The jewelry page link(featuring the piece in the first look) is right here, Necklace Extravagance.

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