Casually Striking

It is currently hot as Hades outside(don't ask me why I know the weather conditions of Hades...long story). To get my mind off of the stifling heat I began thinking about fall. I was imagining crisp gold and orange leaves falling to the sidewalks and temperatures of aboug 50-60 degrees descending onto Michigan. I can still imagine that little frosty nip at my nose and tugging on my favorite faux leather jacket.

While thinking of faux leather jackets and nippy breezes I began to think of what other kind of outerwear could very well become my go to for the fall. The bomber jacket immediately siezed my mind as a top notch layering piece. I love the quilted detail of the bomber jacket, it looks cozy and warm.If you want something that says cool but feels cozy why not snatch up a bomber jacket? Each of the looks have a bomber jacket attached to them that flows well with many different occassions due to its neutral color, so versatility is clearly an added plus. What fall trends have been on your mind lately or are you trying to avoid the idea of fall altogether because you don't want your vacation to end.I completely understand by the way, I'm a uni student, and if it weren't for school fall would be my favorite season. By the way we have a few more fall fashion predictions and posts on our instagram. We like to use Instagram as though it's a mini blog, for posts that just aren't big enough for the SHTE Daily. Check us out @shehastheeye

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  1. can't believe people are already talking about fall!! but i get it that the heat outside can be motivating ;)
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