Fashion blogger trends come and go all the time both in fashion and in social media. There's a point and time in the fashion blogger community where everyone's shooting pictures with the same kind of Instagram filter or everyone is wearing the same kind of pointed toe strap up flats.You guys would know if you follow me on Twitter @shehastheeye that I've been on a journey to building an audience on Instagram. So while researching the best hashtags for my brand and what works for me to find like minded individuals, I notice what the most popular photos in the #fashionblogger tag is. One of the most popular kinds of photos in the fashion blogger tag happens to be of course the ootd shot and the flat lay.  You may have seen a few articleds on what the flat lay is and how to create one, a personal favorite of mine is an informative and fun article on the lifestyle blog, Ling Out Loud. Ling's article on flatlays is full of life and color and she simplifies the whole process of photo set up, lighting, and organizing the items that are going on display. Make sure to check out Ling's article on flat lays here, I always refer to it before I attempt to flat lay something. As I've been learning the way of the flat lay, I've picked up a few tips as well:

1. If you don't have a background you want to share with Instagram, make one by using a sheet or buying some cheap construction paper at the dollar store.

2.Experiment with different angles to get the best picture. Not all flat lays require the same angle, so find your specific angle that will work best for your picture.

3. Try to fill up space for your flat lay but don't let it get to cluttered,

4. Have fun with filters and saturation so it can flatter your picture.

Have you created any flatlays? Let me know in the comment section what you think of this latest fashion blogger trend and make sure to follow me on Instagram @shehastheeye.

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