Instagram is all about pictures, filters, likes, follows,sharing, hashtags and did I mention filters?On the surface Instagram looks like another social media platform oriented around popularity content like principles, but there's so much more to it. I've been dedicating a small portion of my day to trying to build an audience on Instagram because as a fashion blogger a lot of my posts are image based so why not use a visually entertaining social media platform? Those who like looking at fashion on Instagram should enjoy looking at fashion on a blog, which is why I hashtag all my posts #shtedaily, so they can easily get to my page and check out the link in the bio. Now once you've established that Instagram does have a place in your marketing plan for your blog or business you need to figure out who your audience is.

I know that women and men who tag their pictures, #fashion, #fbloggers #style #ootd #fashionista #fashiondiaries #fashionaddict, etc. enjoy fashion and style to a degree so I like their specific pictures that fit the hashtag in question and sometimes leave a genuine comment if I feel the need to. By engaging and liking other posts I'm putting it out there on their feed that I'm a fashion blog, looking for like minded individuals to share my opinions, inspiration and fashion oriented thoughts with. Going on Instagram and simply liking any and everything might get you a lot more followers a bit faster but you'll also run into ghost followers and spam. Although my Instagram is growing slowly, I'm developing a tribe where we comment on each others posts, share with each and establish genuine relationships.

I don't care if I become a popular Instagram blogger because that's not what I'm there to do. I'm on Instagram building a tribe, a tribe of genuine feedback laced with the power of authenticity because that's what the difference between a large audience and a reliable audience is. So what have you been up to on Instagram lately? Let me know in the comment section below and feel free to follow me on instagram at for moodboards, style inspo and so much more.

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