Hi guys I’m back with a Fashion in Five style post and I wanted to share 5 times science fiction has heavily influenced my wardrobe starting with:

The Lost Boys, a film from the 80s chock full of big hair, vampires and a young Kiefer Sutherland. The men’s fashion in this film inspired my appreciation for androgynous elements. After seeing the Lost Boys I wanted boyfriend jeans, loose trousers and an oversized motorcycle jacket.

A look inspired by Lost Boys:

Sci-Fi Inspired Fashion

Weird Science is a film about two best friends who spend a Friday night at home, in the midst of them dwelling over their lack of social standing they decided to create a girl. The two were at first just joking around but when a freak storm hit the joke became all too real thus Lisa was born. Lisa is a risk taking, courageous, incredibly intelligent, powerful wielder of reality, with great style and knows how to party. Lisa was my idol. I wanted Lisa’s high fashion, sequined, leather clad wardrobe and I wanted her bold personality too!

A look inspired by Lisa

Weird Science

The Freak Friday remake of 2003 starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan portraying a mother and daughter who switch bodies.Not only was this film hilarious but it exhibited Lohan's semi-punk fashion phase and who can turn that down.

A Look inspired by Freaky Friday


Practical Magic is a film about two sisters who happened to born in a family of witches. One of the sisters embraces her family’s magical side while the other condemns it. The sisters are faced with several trials such as a literal evil ex-boyfriend and breaking a deadly curse. While the sisters battle the forces of evil, the two of them are particularly fashionable in a bewitching way.

A look inspired by Practical Magic

Practically Magical

The Fifth Element is a futuristic action packed film about a young woman named Leeloo who has the fate of the world in her hands. This film has all the eccentric elements of alien ambassadors, flying cabs and a blonde haired Chris Tucker. I love the film’s odd ball qualities such as its mix of humor with a little apocalyptic anxiety. Besides the film’s plot elements, you can tell there was attention paid to the general color scheme because of the film is mix of metallic bright colors all over the place, which have been known to inspire me with ease.

A look inspired the Fifth Element

Leeloo Inspires Me

Leeloo Inspires Me by deejaystyles featuring leather shoes      Let me know in the comment section if a science fiction film has ever inspired your style and feel free to check out the SHTE Daily’s Shop!

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