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I've talked a lot about bib necklaces on this blog. I've had entire articles dedicated to the drama of a chunky necklace because as far as my aesthetic goes, THEY ARE SO IMPORTANT.Besides making an easy statement in your outfit, chunky necklaces serve as a great contrast to a casual look. In addition to these style elements, gold bib necklaces practically glow on tanned skin. I love how gold or bronze metals accent the warmth of tanned to dark brown skin. I'm so close to purchasing a few , I've been looking at this necklace because it reminds me of something you'd get out of a treasure chest. Then there's this necklace that looks like it was lost by royalty then found and brought back to life. I'm also looking for one a little more cost efficient and by the fashion Gods, I found this one! Take a look at the versatility and summer elements below in my new golden bib necklace collage.

Sunshine Vibes

Do you consider the gold bib necklace a summer staple? Let me know in the comment section below.
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  1. I love the drama of a gold bib necklace. All the pieces on your collage are divine!


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