Have you ever been out and realized your favorite tote bag is just not appropriate for that specific occasion? You’re out embracing nature while the weather is being hospitable and instead of gazing out at Mother Nature’s gifts you’re too busy fiddling with your oversized envelope clutch. It’s time we start choosing more convenient bag choices while we’re having summer time adventures. Don’t get me wrong you can have convenient and cute accessories.

Our top three bag choices that we feel are adventure ready include: the mini bucket bag, the cross body bag and the fashionable backpack. Each of these styles are very cute, versatile and built for security. The long straps, the compact structures and enough room for the necessities makes these bags a personal go to when I know I’m going for a walk or hike.

Bucket Bag Warrior

When I created this look, I had beach dwelling activities in mind. I pictures walking up and down the beach looking for cool caves and seashells. This bag is roomy but light so there's nothing holding you back as you go searching along the shore.

Canvas Bag Breakdown

This look is all about hiking up trails and heading up hills. I pictured carrying a camera or selfie stick so you can take pictures of the nature around you.

Discovering New Shops

Discovering New Shops by deejaystyles featuring Elie Tahari

This look is all about walking around downtown discovering new shops and stores! From the comfy shoes, casual t-shirt and jeans to the statement crossbody bag, you look hip but equipped to walk blocks if necessary to find you new favorite trendy store.

What do you think, what's the best bag to carry when you're heading out to bond with Mother Nature this summer? By the way if you're looking to purchase a new bag you can always find one at the SHTE Daily Shop, here

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