I was never one to shop for out of season things in an attempt to get them for a cheaper price. I was always a little apprehensive "just because it's on sale NOW doesn't mean it won't be on sale later", and then I would proceed to buying the full priced romper instead of the(not as desirable at the time) cheaper blazer. Looking back now I realize I may have been making a mistake. The other day I purchased a Forever21 jacket pictured below with my blogger idea book strategically placed for Instagram aesthetic reasons:


The jacket above that I couldn't say no to was originally priced at 42.80 and marked all the way down to 15.00 dollars. Why would such a jacket be marked down so much you might say? Well the jacket is heavy, made of thick material, a dark wash and looked like it was born to shut the style world down...during the fall.

Now imagine if I had waited, came back to the store and saw this jacket at its full priced glory during the fall when I'd actually need it. I would of been heart broken and out of 42.80 instead of what I am now, prepared to be stylish during the fall :).Are you an early season shopper, do you have any tips? Share with us in the comment section below! By the way if you're intersted in purchasing some outerwear before the seasons get chilly make sure to check out my online store, The SHTE Daily Shop.

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