Vicki Vale is a well-known photojournalist in the Batman franchise who also happens to be a love interest for Batman.Vicki Vale is typically viewed as a go-getter character ready to do what it takes to get her story and the job succesfully done. We love this career driven woman who was portrayed by Kim Basinger in the Batman film which premiered in 1989. Besides falling for this character's driven nature, we also love her style which is what the Batman film definitely had a lot of.

Vale's style can be characterized as versatile, professional with some edgier elements she probably picked up from her home in Gotham.

Vale was also seen during the film playing with different fits and silhouettes. Vales experimentation outside of the classic hour glass is refreshing and encourages us to try something outside of that standard fit.

Vale's style can also be considered pretty minimalistic she keeps her accessories to a minimum in social occasions and she likes playing with neutrals.

I was inspired to create a quick style set dedicated to our beloved Vicki Vale down below!

Vicki Vale Inspired Circa Batman 89

So the look is pretty minimalistic like much of her style, in addition I stuck to an all black look because I noticed she had a thing for neutrals.To finish off the look I figured we could add a little flare with a signature pair of heels which we see her wearing frequently during the film and her favorite red lip. What do you guys think, did I capture the spirit of Vicki in this look? Have you ever been inspired by a movie style wise, even though the film wasn't fashion oriented at all, let me know in the comment section below!

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