The Hiatus is Over

Although, I’ve been practically losing my mind working my butt off this school semester so I can quickly get back to you beautiful people, I was a little hesitant to hop back into posting. I know when I take a hiatus from writing and posting I always think that I should come back with a big splash. Since I’ve been gone so long the least I can do is come back with something to show for my absence, right?

I think that’s part of the reason why I dread taking hiatuses and breaks, is that we all often expect some massive change to happen while the person has been gone. When someone leaves from the blogger world and then they come back it’s almost like the rise of the phoenix and we expect someone fiercer, more powerful, louder and stronger to replace the image we all once knew. Can you really blame us for having high expectations for when a blogger goes on hiatus? Often some of our favorite bloggers have left and come back with a new YouTube Channel, a new brand collabo or book and somewhere in my head I expect the same kind of things from myself. I’m almost a little disappointed that my hiatus wasn’t blog business related instead of school related.

I can’t promise you that I’ve come back as this fabulous writer with huge news to share with you all, but I can say I got my science requirement for my degree out of the way, #personalwin, anyone? Most hiatuses I take are simply that- a hiatus, but this one in particular taught me something. I learned a lot about my drive and how to balance school and blogging more effectively. When the school semester starts back up again in the near future I will not only be prepared but I will have this experience to utilize so I can handle blogging and school work at the same time instead of dropping one or the other.

Ultimately guys, I’M BACK!!! I’m back and I’m ready to produce content, share, discuss and get inspired. So, how about you guys let me know in the comment section what you would like to see?