Floral crowns have been around for a very long time and frankly I don't want to see them go way.I know the idea of wearing a crown of daisies on a day to day basis is unrealistic. Walking around with large sunflowers adorning your forehead isn't the most mature or professional fashion decision, but honestly I don't care.
   Even in the light of acknowledging that these headbands are simply a trend made for festivals and bohemian flower children, I love them all the same. Maybe it's because there's something poetic about the idea of plucking flowers and adding them to you hair. Perhaps it's because of the film Carmen where the gorgeous lead played by Dorothy Dandrige has romanticized the concept of wearing flowers in your tresses.Then again maybe it's because of the hippies of the 60s and 70s who drew flowers everywhere hoping to rebuke war through peaceful means.
  Flowers are a home to much symbolism from natural beauty, blossoming romance, and the power of Mother Nature that even though the trend will age and become cliche these crowns have a place in my heart.What's one trend in particular that has left you feeling nostalgiac or wanting more even after its aged?Leave a comment below or feel free to check out my brand new shop!

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