Monica Veloz is a YouTube content creator for her channel Monica Style Muse. Veloz is also a  stylist who is shaking up the internet with each video upload. We love Veloz because of her authenticity, fun personality, excellent style, creativity and her easily applicable tips she shares in her videos. Each video is incredibly inviting, informative and inspiring. Here are three Monica Style Muse videos that made excited us excited for more!
  1. Seven YouTube Tips for Beginners! Veloz shared her top seven YouTube tips that need to be exercised heavily when you’re just starting on the platform.During the video I found that a lot of these tips can be applicable to both blogger/vloggers and many other situations regardless of the industry such as “don’t compare yourself”, “be yourself” and “don’t feed into the negative comments”. Each of these tips can be used in real life situations, because if you focus on who you are and staying true to that person you won’t have time to even entertain the negativity of an internet troll.
  2. Monica’s Personal Style and Confidence video is a great pick me up when you’re in a style slump. Monica clearly understands the importance of a proper wardrobe and her tips will make you look at getting ready in a different light.
  3. Monica lets us take a look into more personal matters such as her struggle growing up being a dark skinned Latina in her video I’m Too Dark to Be a Dominican. Monica essentially explains in the video that growing up she faced a lot of criticism about being dark skinned and Latina and it caused her to question herself. As she grew older Monica decided not to care about the opinions of others, pursue her happiness and embrace herself for exactly who she is. Now, Monica is using her platform to be a representation for dark skinned Spanish speaking women of color.

Monica has a lot more content to indulge in so after you take a look at these three videos we suggest getting comfortable and taking a moment to binge, you’ll thank us later!
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