Jenn Im is a YouTube content creator of the channel clothesencounters with a style I’ve looked up to for AGES! I love her fashion risks, the fluidity of her style. Jenn Im's looks change but there’s always a signature Jenn Im-esque element to each look. I consider myself a massive supporter of her channel and work ethic that inspires me to keep pursuing my blogger goals. Considering that I'm a bit of a Jenn Im fangirl, you can only imagine my excitement when I realized she did a new video the other day! I practically shrieked with joy when I realized Jenn had done a collaboration video with Target and well known fashion designer Eddie Borgo’s accessory collection. Jenn does an excellent job of sharing the pieces and how she’d take on each piece and apply it to her personal style. While watching the video I caught myself taking mental notes about the way she styled the pieces and learned these three quick tips.

  1. Mixed metal jewelry pieces are incredibly versatile. If you have a piece with a combination of silver, gun metal and gold in an eccentric design, do not get intimidated. The different elements due to the nature of the mixed metals will go with anything because there’s a different metal that can go with whatever color you’re wearing.

  2. Customizable jewelry is amazing! Eddie Borgo’s line is full of customizable elements that you can add and remove from each piece to fit the occasion or your mood.

  3. These Eddie Borgo pieces transition with the season easily. While watching the video I realized that there’s no reason these pieces can’t be worn as layering pieces when the weather begins to get cooler as the seasons change.

Hopefully you enjoyed these three quick tips and fell in love Jenn Im's style the same we have! Leave a comment or feel free to go shopping at our store, The SHTE Daily's Shoppe.

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