My love for gemstone jewelry is really beginning to affect my life! It doesn't matter what I decide to do, when I get on the internet I always end up scrolling through an array of gemstone necklaces! There's something about the organic, bohemian feel to the gemstone necklaces that has always caught my interest.
    I love the idea of something so gorgeous and intricate emerging from the Earth(or its been inspired by the Earth because some of those gemstone necklaces below aren't real...).The gemstone necklaces are unique and I appreciate all the tiny little imperfections. These necklaces in a way(at least to me), personify that there is beauty in flaws and that's what attracts me to them the most! These pieces are supremely versatile and although I am admittedly biased(I'm in a crazy, love-sick relationship with these necklaces), I'd wear these to spice up any look.
 Below I've picked out my favorite gemstone necklaces if you want to shop my picks(before I do).

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