Finding fashion inspiration on via socia media is easy. Style inspiration is always a hashtag away but sometimes you can get lost in the mass of clutter many social media platforms come with. A day doesn't go by when I'm looking on Instagram or Twitter and find something completely off topic in the fashion blogger tag, so if you want to cut down on your search, bookmark this page and keep reading.

The first on our Fashion Inspiration Instagram page list starts off with
  • OOTD Perfff
  OOTD Perfff is all about fashion inspiration in the form of fashion oriented flat lays.This Instagram account is essentially a collective of several other Instagram accounts(with their permission of course), that shares the best of the collected looks. They also repost other images if you hashtag your photo #ootdperfff so if you're looking to get a shoutout post your latest look with that tag for a chance to get featured on their page which is currently follwed by 12.1K followers.
  • Ms. Fabulous Teeks
Takara of Ms. Fabulous Teeks is a fashion loving vlogger I discovered via YouTube. Ms. Fabulous Teeks is an excellent YouTuber, you can tell she put a lot of focus into her brand and her videos are full of fashion tips and resources that are essential for any budding fashion lovers out there. Besides the excellence that is Ms. Fabulous Teeks' YouTube channel we're also obsessed with her Instagram page! Ms. Fabulous Teeks shares her life, behind the scenes tidbits of her YT channel and her outfit of the days which are so cute, make sure to lock up your credit card before checking out her page.By the way make sure you take a look at her Back to School Lookbook below, seriously this girl's style is a perfect 10!

  • Jackie Aina

A photo posted by Makeupgameonpoint (@jackieaina) on
     Wearing makeup to class can be a confusing ordeal, especially if you're a bit of a makeup virgin. Jackie Aina has you covered with her latest back to school makeup tutorial. Jackie Aina is a makeup artist, beauty vlogger and a snapchat star! Jackie Aina is serving casual fierceness in this makeup tutorial featuring a mega back to school giveaway! During the video, the makeup look is light and fairly easy to do but still glamourous all the same.

  • College Fashion

  When I first started university College Fashion became my favorite website. I was obsessed with their Polyvore account  because it was loaded with inspiration from unexpected places from your favorite Disney princess to your favorite TV show! A new inspiration post they recently created is about what to wear to your college orientation. They have 3 awesome looks that are definitely college orientation approved which you can see here: the looks are perfect for orientation because they're cute, comfortable and diverse in their style appeal, so they can easily be changed up with accessories to fit your particular style a bit better.
  • Nneoma Ajiwe
Nneoma Ajiwe is a public relations student and senior at the University of Texas. Ajiewe has excellent style and some amazing articles on College Fashionista with style advice and features you can check out right here. Ajiewe's latest article is all about the wide brimmed hat and how to wear the accessory flawlessly on campus without the fear of hat hair, check out the link herePre photo shoot selfie | #CestLaBri 💕

  • Briana Williams

A photo posted by Brianna Moné (@cestlabrianna) on
Briana Williams is a multimedia journalist and blogger who happens to be a style guru at College Fashionista. Williams recently did a post about What to Wear Back to School. Williams discusses finding looks that are both stylish but school functional as well(something we all live for during the fall semester). Williams' post is something we all can relate to so make sure you give the post a look and keep up with her other articles here.

  There we have it guys these are my top picks for back to school inspiration for fashion and beauty! Are you ready to go back to school? Be honest, was this summer to short let me know in the comment section below!

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